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Ampeg B-15Namplifier
Arturia Minibrutekeyboard
Baldwin SF 10piano
Bison piccolodrums
Casio Casiotone CT-320keyboard
Casio Casiotone M-10keyboard
Casio SK-1keyboard
Danelectro Ward/ Airline Model amplifier
DW mapledrums
DW Snare drumdrums
Eastern Acoustic Works 1x 15cabinet
Epiphone Custom 16 stringguitars
Fender Bassman amplifier
Fender Champamplifier
Fender D'Aquisto Eliteguitars
Fender Dual Showman (moddedamplifier
Fender Precision Bassguitars
Fender Pro Jr.amplifier
Fender Rhodes Stage 88keyboard
Fender Twin Reverbamplifier
Fender Twin Reverbamplifier
Flynn Double-cut Teleguitars
Flynn That The Thingguitars
Garnet B.T.O.amplifier
general alldrums
general allguitars
Gibson Acoustic 12 stringguitars
Gibson Gibsonetteamplifier
Gretsch mapledrums
Guild Thunderbassamplifier
Hammond B3keyboard
Hiwatt 4 x 12cabinet
Hiwatt Custom Hiwatt 100amplifier
  Hiwatt Lead 100R Custoamplifier
Hohner Clavinet D6keyboard
Japanese Viola Bassguitars
Jenkins Martin Drum Company Basalt Black Snaredrums
Jenkins Martin Drum Company EA Blue Snaredrums
Jenkins Martin Drum Company White Sparkle Snaredrums
Jenkins Martin Drum Company Wound Fiberglass Kitdrums
Ludwig Acrolitedrums
Ludwig brassdrums
Ludwig chromedrums
Ludwig Club Datedrums
Ludwig marchingdrums
Ludwig Mod Orangedrums
Ludwig Timpanidrums
Ludwig Vistalitedrums
Ludwig Vistalitedrums
Mann GW100BHamplifier
Marshall 4 x 12 flatcabinet
Marshall 4 x 12 slantcabinet
Marshall 4 x 12 slantcabinet
Marshall JMPamplifier
Marshall JMP Super Lead MkII amplifier
Marshall JTM 45amplifier
  Marshall JTM 45 Cloneamplifier
Martin 00-18guitars
Martin D1 Acousticguitars
Orange OR80amplifier
Orange Tiny Terroramplifier
Paiste Dark Ride 20"drums
Park 100Wamplifier
Peavey T-40guitars
RCA MI-12214amplifier
Sabian AA Rock Crash 16"drums
Slingerland Striped Bluedrums
Sovtek Mig 50amplifier
Sovtek MIG-50amplifier
Steinway 6' Grandpiano
Sterling Tack Custompiano
Travis Bean TB500guitars
Traynor Mono Blockamplifier
Traynor Mono Block Bamplifier
Traynor TS-10amplifier
Traynor TS-50Bamplifier
Traynor YBA-1A Bass Master Mamplifier
Traynor YBA3A Custom Specialamplifier
  Various Cymbalsdrums
Veleno Velenoguitars
WFL/Ludwig piccolodrums
Wurlitzer Electronic Pianokeyboard
Yamaha C7piano
  Yamaha PSR-78keyboard
Yamaha PSS-140keyboard
Yamaha PSS-170keyboard
Zildjian A Custom 17"drums
Zildjian A Custom 19"drums
Zildjian A Rock Crash 18"drums
Zildjian A Rock Hi Hat 14"drums
Zildjian A Sweet Ride 21"drums
Zildjian K Dark Ride 20"drums
Zildjian K Splash 10"drums

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