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Calrec Soundfield

Type: condenser stereo
Quantity: 2

Unique, four capsule microphone. Used with dedicated matrix box, allows stereo image to be manipulated while monitoring in stereo. Image width, vertical angle, 360 degree pan and forward/backward (from the control room position) can all be manipulated. In addition to pattern shape, the spatial manipulation this system makes possible is unique and very powerful. But that aspect aside, this is also a very detailed microphone that can withstand high sound pressure. Useful for drum kit, ensembles, acoustic instrument, area and ambient recording. If the four capsule outputs are recorded separately ("B-Format"), then the depth, width and positioning can be adjusted after recording. The system is slightly noisy, which can be a problem with very quiet sources.

Note: Each mic body is calibrated to a specific matrix amplifier (they
share a serial number) and they should only be operated with their proper mates. There is one set in each studio, and dedicated Soundfield wiring on all mic panels.

Similar to: Josephson C700

- Jun 28, 2003 19:50