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Post while you are depressed thread

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Re: Post while you are depressed thread

Postby Janeway on Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:11 am

you needed help and they failed you so you banged your head against the wall. im the talkie at person I know and I blush and stutter constantly too aware of other folks but i remember my wwii grandfather telling me “illegitimae non tatem carborudem” which is “don’t let the bastards get you down”. you are suffering jongo, and you’re trying your damnedest and it’s not working out because other folks messed up the paperwork and that is frustrating but we all want you here. dont let papers make you leave this earth, paper gets crushed by rocks and scissors

it’s like, why do people say paper covers rock when we all know paper is a lil bish that gets paper weighted by smooth river rocks, you just need to rock out wheneve paperwork has got you down.

you thought you lost because of papers but we all care about you. sometimes paper cuts and im so sorry to hear you’re beaten by it but here our are posting which means paper didn’t defeat you. so rock out with some awesome prf music and feel alive, when’s the last time you’ve been to a show? rock out, and paperwork will sort itself of you keep patient with its idiocy and always know, always know you’re better than some paper situation.
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Re: Post while you are depressed thread

Postby MJongo on Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:14 pm

Thanks everyone. Talking here has helped my self esteem so much. Made an appointment with my therapist Thursday, and hopefully they will be able to help straighten my meds out (was put on a new one a couple weeks ago and it hasn’t been working out). Gonna hang out with my friend tonight for his birthday and hopefully sing at a couple open mics.
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