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PRFBBQ 2018 Chicago

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Re: PRFBBQ 2018 Chicago

Postby jimmy two hands on Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:42 pm

lumpenprole wrote:
yard barf wrote:
lumpenprole wrote:
jimmy two hands wrote:
PEPPER! wrote:Scott was working with a Sat-Sun venue. I think it's in the bag (it looks awesome btw) but he will have to chime in on that. it's roughly at Pulaski & Diversey, a bit west of Logan Square. Friday is in the West Loop and easily accessible by the Blue Line.

For those of youse who have attended previous BBQs, this Sat-Sun space is just a bit south of Live Wire. Logan Square/Avondale/Irving Park is a good area to look for accommodations (assuming this is set).

Are any of these neighborhoods at all dangerous? What about Belmont Gardens? Like if I had to choose one, which would I choose?

None are dangerous. Belmont gardens I had to look up because I've never heard anyone call it that. But I've only been in Chicago for 43 years, so what do I know? There's not much going on in "Belmont Gardens" but it's a fine place to stay.

You'll have the most fun in Logan Square. It is the hipster neighborhood so people like to gripe about it, but it's full of awesome restaurants and bars, fun places to walk to. It's beautiful too, lots of tree-lined boulevards and old greystone castles. The Wizard of Oz was written in Logan Square. Shel Silverstein grew up there too, as did my Dad, and he's the best.

You should write a damn travel book. That was inspiring.

Yeah Logan Square is your best bet. It's on the Blue Line so you can get there from O'Hare if that's where you fly in, and if there's a Friday deal at IBW there's a Blue line stop maybe 2 block away from there. Other good places to check out are Wicker Park and Bucktown, which are also on the Blue line and next to Logan Square. They're the old hipster neighborhoods people used to gripe about like they do Logan Square but then the yuppies displaced the hipsters and now people gripe about them for different reasons. I also gripe about them. Fun place to spend a long weekend though.
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Re: PRFBBQ 2018 Chicago

Postby eliya on Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:07 am

I second Logan Square.

You want to stay along one of the train lines, preferably the blue line because it's the one closest to the venues. If you go north of Montrose on the blue then you'll find yourself in very residential neighborhoods with not a lot going on. Also, if you stay along the blue line, and I assume you're flying into O'Hare, then you can take the train directly from the airport to where you're staying.
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