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Peavey Gear?

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Re: Peavey Gear?

Postby numberthirty on Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:47 pm

yard barf wrote:
Riff Magnum wrote:Yep, though I believe it is even shorter than Mustang. Somewhere between 24" (Mustang/Jaguar)and 22.5" (original Duo-Sonic). A cursory google search seems to indicate 23.5".

Yeah, I just flipped one. They are super short scale, fun to play, pickups sound cool. Build quality seems pretty crappy though. If you read descriptions of T-15s for sale, they often say, "needs a set-up" "high action." I adjusted the neck on mine and a couple weeks later the string tension had bent the neck back to where it was before. I suspect this problem may be endemic to these very slender-necked guitars.

It's absolutely a 23.5" scale.

I'd have to agree that the neck on every Patriot or T-15 doesn't really say "We Are Ready To Join That Misfits Cover Band Now!"

While it's a pretty comfortable and slender neck, I waited all throughout my teens for that headstock to snap off.
154 wrote:Are you in Voivod or something?
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Re: Peavey Gear?

Postby japmn on Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:31 pm

phpBB [media]

Money shot at 4:35
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Re: Peavey Gear?

Postby ogpuprison on Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:21 am

JohnnySomersett wrote:I snagged a bunch of Peavey gear today for not a lot of money.

A 2x15 D (for deep), two 1x15, and a MkIII Bass Head for £200!
All three cabs are loaded with Black Widows - although one is blown so I'm gonna rebaffle and make a 410


(the three on the furthest right)

That's a great deal, if you have the room and the muscles. I rate older Peavey gear too, but the Carlsboro keyboard amp series (hornet/cobra, etc) of a similar vintage is even better. The bass is less mushy, they just sound a bit more hifi, which I like. Thinking of getting Cobra 90 from a secondhand store, £80.. ..is that a reasonable price, people?
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