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Peavey Gear?

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Re: Peavey Gear?

Postby numberthirty on Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:47 pm

yard barf wrote:
Riff Magnum wrote:Yep, though I believe it is even shorter than Mustang. Somewhere between 24" (Mustang/Jaguar)and 22.5" (original Duo-Sonic). A cursory google search seems to indicate 23.5".

Yeah, I just flipped one. They are super short scale, fun to play, pickups sound cool. Build quality seems pretty crappy though. If you read descriptions of T-15s for sale, they often say, "needs a set-up" "high action." I adjusted the neck on mine and a couple weeks later the string tension had bent the neck back to where it was before. I suspect this problem may be endemic to these very slender-necked guitars.

It's absolutely a 23.5" scale.

I'd have to agree that the neck on every Patriot or T-15 doesn't really say "We Are Ready To Join That Misfits Cover Band Now!"

While it's a pretty comfortable and slender neck, I waited all throughout my teens for that headstock to snap off.
154 wrote:Are you in Voivod or something?
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Re: Peavey Gear?

Postby japmn on Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:31 pm

phpBB [media]

Money shot at 4:35
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Re: Peavey Gear?

Postby ogpuprison on Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:21 am

JohnnySomersett wrote:I snagged a bunch of Peavey gear today for not a lot of money.

A 2x15 D (for deep), two 1x15, and a MkIII Bass Head for £200!
All three cabs are loaded with Black Widows - although one is blown so I'm gonna rebaffle and make a 410


(the three on the furthest right)

That's a great deal, if you have the room and the muscles. I rate older Peavey gear too, but the Carlsboro keyboard amp series (hornet/cobra, etc) of a similar vintage is even better. The bass is less mushy, they just sound a bit more hifi, which I like. Thinking of getting Cobra 90 from a secondhand store, £80.. ..is that a reasonable price, people?
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Re: Peavey Gear?

Postby kazoozak on Thu Feb 22, 2018 11:33 pm

Pulled the trigger on a Studio Pro 40 online from Guitar Center. Just under $100, shipping and all. The band I'm playing with these days is based a half-hour from me so I wanted something cheap, loud with some good headroom for practice and gigging that I can keep over at the band space, so hopefully this'll fit the bill and not have to lug my beloved TS50 everywhere.

Definitely love my Peavey Stunod (Standard) head that I've had for a while which is very versatile for bass, baritone and guitar.
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