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Band: Yob

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Re: Band: Yob

Postby El Protoolio on Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:29 pm

Volume One wrote:Ten reasons why Yob are the best thing that ever happened.

There is only one guitarist / vocalist, but he plays like he's three people and sings like he's ten people.

There's a deep, sincere pursuit of self-actualisation evident in everything they do. That's it's purpose.

They are seven albums in, and there isn't a moment wasted on any of them. Pick any song off any album. It will be awesome, because they all are. And they keep getting better.

When the big, all consuming, soul crushing riffs come, they're always as full and musical as possible. It's not just heavy for heavy's sake. They will take you somewhere.

There's always more going on than you think. However long the song, attention has been given to the key signature of every element; there's nothing unnecessary, but there's a constant firing off of finely honed and exquisitively mapped-out weird little honks, tweets and farts (and that's not just the diverticulitis). Any listen to them online or downloaded is not going to do justice to that. You need it all.

They are so much more than the category they get put in; they're not a doom band. Okay, some of it is doomy, but there's a depth charged positivity through all of it. It's uplifting. You go through the heavy to get brought into the light again - that's the purpose of the heavy.

Mike Scheidt's name is Mike Scheidt. That is more punk rock than your name.

He's a really inspiring person. Watch any interview with him. He goes to the heart of it every time. He's an honest person and his music reflects that.

When they write a belter, it's a fucking belter. See 'Prepare The Ground', 'Nothing To Win', or the majestic 'Quantum Mystic'.

Mike nearly died this year. His intestines decided they'd had enough of messing around. But he didn't die, he got better, and Yob live. Be thankful you share the world with this band.


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Re: Band: Yob

Postby Volume One on Wed Mar 07, 2018 1:19 pm

Our Raw Heart

Album #8 out June 8th.

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