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The control rooom has a flat response down to very low frequencies and is exceptionally even in sound quality, regardless of listener position.

The control room is designed to accomodate larger groups of people, with several specific features in this regard:

  • Seperate nearfield monitors for rear sofa
  • Exceptional ventilation to clear smoke and funk
  • Huge furniture sturdy enough for gymnastics or the obese
  • Clear central area for walking around

All studio areas are connected with mic, instrument and loudspeaker tie lines allowing musicians, amplifiers and cabinets to be located independant of each other anywhere in the studio.

Studio A normally has 2 multitracks and 2 mixdown machines, but can accommodate an absurd number of tracks for recording and playback, if that's your bag.

In addition to the fixed equipment, Studio A can accommodate up to 48 lines of additional outboard through tie panels which connect to the patch bay.

If desired, you can record to our Pro Tools rig, a 24-in, 24-out HD2 system running Pro Tools HD8. A few choice Universal Audio plugins are available via the system's UAD-2 Solo card.

The console can accommodate 132 inputs if you want to drive yourself crazy.

Tie lines and a remote mic panel allow studio A to use Studio B's live room while maintaining full Studio A facilities.

Headphone mixers provide independent unique mixes for each musician without any attention from the engineer.

The control room is designed to have minimal reflected energy, to provide uncolored sound from the loudspeakers. This type of listening environment is commonly called "once past the ears", in acoustic geek circles, since the sound leaving the speakers goes once past the ears, then disappears. This provides accurate and even sound, which is great for studio monitoring, but not necessarily appropriate for dancing or making out. For these purposes we recommend the lounge or client offices.

The equipment racks are pressurized with cold air, and there is a dedicated AC unit for cooling and airflow across the equipment. This improves reliability of the equipment and forces dust, smoke and funk away from the equipment. Exhaust and AC returns are located in the center and rear of the control room, which increases the efficiency of smoke and fart removal.

The control room of Studio A houses a customized 48 channel Neotek Elite console with Neve Flying Faders automation.

There are 2 in-house sets of monitors. In the soffits we have 3-way Westlakes, and for nearfields we have a pair of B&W Matrix 805's.