Studio A $600 per day
Studio B $400 per day


Steve Albini $900 per day in-house (plus studio rental)
$1100 traveling per day
Greg Norman $350 per day
Staff Engineer or Assistant $150 per day


Client Offices $150 per day

Tape, Media and Other Services

2" tape $320 per reel
1/2" tape $110 per reel
Digital or Analog Transfers email for estimate
Tape Baking $50 per batch

We welcome all freelance engineers.

Call anytime to schedule a tour.

To book a session, give us a call or send us an email.

We don't require a demo from you before you book your session.
If you want to get a rough idea of what your session might cost with us, try out our Session Estimate Calculator.

What is a day?

We define a day as a good amount of time in which you, your band, and the engineer feel comfortable working. Most sessions start between 11am and noon and continue until that day's work is done or everyone is tired. In order to comply with overtime regulations, sessions involving a house engineer (i.e. not Steve or Greg or an outside engineer) should run for not longer than 10 hours.

We charge by the day for your convenience, so you don't have to watch the clock and we don't have to charge an additional "Lock-out" fee when you use more than one day in a row.

When should you book?

We recommend booking your session 3 to 5 months in advance, especially for a longer session, but feel free to call us because there are always holes in the schedule we are looking to fill.

Client Offices?

We have four client offices, and the price is the same no matter how many of the rooms you use per day.

When should you pay?

You should arrive at the studio with the means to pay for your session. If your band is coming from a country other than the United States or if a third party is paying for the recording, we will require a wire transfer for full payment of the session prior to the first day of the session.

What is a traveling rate?

Steve Albini is available to travel for recording sessions. His fee is $1100.00 a day; it is expected that whatever studio you plan on having Steve work in be a fully operating analog recording studio. It is expected that the client pay for days in which he is traveling over, along with providing lodging and incidental costs (shipping of gear/materials, taxi cabs to and from airports, etc.) Please email or call the studio for more information.