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Altec 165/175

Type: tube condenser
Quantity: 5

Nickname: "lipstick"

Excellent snare drum mic. Also good for close mic on acoustic string insturments like banjo, guitar, mandolin. Can take very high signal level. Some system noise may make it unsuitable for very quiet recordings.

Model # 175 indicates the mic is set for using the 29A, or 29B) cardioid) capsules. 

Model #165 means it is set for 21D, 21A (omni) capsules.

These mics are a slim cylinder, and should only be used in mic clips made for them for reasons of stability. We have some crappy plastic Altec ones and some spiffy aluminum ones made for us by Kristina Bozic.

We have modified some Altec 165s to be used as 175s  so they can use the 29A/B capsules. The modification involves the addition of 1 resistor in the microphone cable, and does not affect the sound. Really, it doesn't. Okay, retro snob, you try running a studio for a while. Shut up already.

Similar to: Altec 195, 201, 150, AKG C28, C60, C451

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- Sep 10, 2017 19:33