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Neumann 582

Type: tube condenser
Quantity: 8

Electronically very similar to Neumann 563. This takes an assortment of small diaphragm capsules. We have:

6 x M70 (cardioid)

2 x M94 (cardioid)

2 x M62 (cardioid)

3 x M93 (omni)

1 x M58 (omni)

NB: A few of our 582's are fitted with fixed capsules, and can't be changed.

Can use same power supplies as Neumann 563. Not the lowest noise floor in the cabinet, but not normally a problem.

-10dB pads mount between capsule and body for high-SPL situations.

Similar to: Neumann 563, AKG C28, Gefell UM70

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- Sep 10, 2017 19:39