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AKG C-451E

Type: condenser
Quantity: 10

General purpose condenser mic with a wide variety of capsules and accessories. We don't have all of them, but we have these:


  • CK1 (cardioid)  Good for drums, acoustic instuments, overheads, amplifiers
  • CK2 (omni) Good for ambient recording, overheads, piano
  • CK4 (bi-directional) Large diaphragm, similar to  AKG C-414
  • CK22 (diffussed field omni) Good for something, I guess
  • CK28 (cardioid) Older design, nice sound on drums and acoustic instruments -- some sensitivity to humidity

Accessories -

  • -20dB Pad - Very useful for drums and loud amplifiers
  • Swivel Joint - Allows capsule to be rotated up to 90 degrees -- indispensable for drums

Similar to: AKG C60, AKG C61, AKG C28, Altec 195, Altec 175, Altec 201, Audio Technica 4051, Shure KSM 141, Josephson C609/C606

- Jun 28, 2003 19:47