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Neotek Elite [custom]

Type: in-line
Quantity: 1

General Features:

  • 48 mono channels with two signal paths, individually assignable to mix buses or output buses (96 inputs)
  • 8 stereo inputs, 4 mono effect returns, 8 stereo effect returns
  • 8 stereo subgroups which can be used as outpus, stereo submixes or telescoped into each other with balanced inserts (great for creating stems of a mix quickly)
  • 2 stereo buses, which can be used separately or combined

Custom Features:

  • Flying Faders automation
  • Simplified solo-in-place function
  • Second stereo bus (which can be combined with main stereo bus)
  • Individually-buffered stereo outputs for each master recorder
  • Balanced pre-fader insert on stereo master for mix processing
  • Automatic or manual recording privacy lights outside studio doors
  • 2-track remotes mounted in master section
  • Automation keyboard and trackball mounted in master section
  • Direct outputs on each channel
  • 2 line inputs on each channel
  • VU needle meters on monitor
  • 3 speaker selector
  • Rear speaker switch
  • Oscilloscope displays monitor output
  • Retro-styled DOS/386 computer and dinky monitor
  • Talkback switch and mic at console and rear sofa

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