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Fender Dual Showman (modded

Type: amplifier
Quantity: 1

Tubes: 4 x Sovtek 5881WXT 4 x GE12AX7/7025

Ours has been modded by Bryan Gleason. The mod was meant to make this into an ultra-high gain amp with an early-Mesa sound. The mod feeds the output of the "Normal" channel preamp into the input of the Vibrato channel preamp. Insane amounts of gain are available.

The second channel has not been modified, so you can still use this amp to get the stock Dual Showman sound.

The tone stack on the "Normal" channel is disabled, so to adjust tone on either channel, use the tone controls on the "Vibrato" channel.

uslugi elektronshika

- Sep 10, 2017 19:45