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Lexicon PCM 80

Type: effect
Quantity: 1

We got this thing thinking it would be as simple to use as Lexicon's other devices, like the PCM 60, PCM 70, Primetime, PCM 41, etc. Boy were we wrong. If you know how to use this thing, or even what all the bizarre parameter names mean and what all the "hidden" settings mean, well you sure have a lot of time on your hands. Me, I can only figure out how to use the tap tempo display, but even that doesn't work too well. Supposedly, if you spend a few hours on it, you can find a goddamn simple delay in there, or maybe even a reverb that doesn't sound like the Borg assimilating Enya, but I've never been able to. Does anybody want to buy this thing? Seriously, everytime I try to get a simple thing like a stereo delay, I end up lost in a maze, with something horrible coming out of the speakers. Where's my Cup o'Noodles? Hey, I'm talking here... anyway...

remont stankov v sankt-peterburge

- Sep 10, 2017 20:37