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Electrical Audio Custom Rack

Type: mic pre + EQ
Quantity: 1

This is a custom audio rack we built for homemade preamps, eqs, and anything else we come up with.

This is a list of modules housed in the rack so far.

UREI 509 Eq (Same as 509 stereo eq)

Our first module was an eq. Each channel was an old Universal Audio console module that we got a hold of (thanks to Fletcher). It is a Neve style switched gain, switched frequency, LC/RC filter. We use it as a passive filter with a make-up gain amp (John Hardy 990 Op Amp). It is a dead simple eq that has 2 bands (bass and treble), with 4 selectable frequencies each. The 990 op amp keeps it quiet. So far it has been handy in adding top end to ribbon mics, and bottom end to kick drum mics.

HBSM2R Mic Preamp

This is a mic preamp module that features-

  • Jensen JT-16 input transformer
  • John Hardy 990 op amp
  • 3dB per step 16 position gain switch
  • polarity reverse (relay)
  • -20dB pad (relay)
  • Phantom power (switched)
  • intense peak indication
  • Output transformer
  • 60dB max gain

We're planning plenty more options, but with all the stupid broken ebay mics Steve throws on my table, it might take a while.

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