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Type: ribbon
Quantity: 2

Nice long-ribbon mic with a phantom-powered head amplifier that presents a stable low impedance to the input of the mic preamp. One characteristic of traditional ribbon mics is that their sound quality varies depending on loading effects at the input of the mic preamp. This design indemnifies the mic preamp of those sins and presents a slightly higher signal level than a transformer output would. The greater consistency makes it easier to predict what the mic will sound like through a variety of preamps and the increased level makes the mic more useful on quieter sources. This lower system noise means this mic can better suffer HF boost eq down the signal chain without noise becoming a problem. Recommended for standard ribbon mic uses like vocals and guitar amplifiers, but also full-bodied acoustic instruments (string bass, cello, guitar) and acoustic instruments in danger of sounding too thin (mandolin, violin, ukulele and banjo). Exceptional on mallet percussion (marimba, vibes, glockenspiel, bells, triangle, cowbell). Similar to Royer 122, STC 4038, RCA 74 Jr.

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- Sep 10, 2017 19:23