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Studer A 820 MCH

Type: 16/24-track
Quantity: 3

2" 24/16-Track Recorder w/Dolby SR and Dolby A Noise Reduction

The high watermark of analog multitrack recorders. This machine is the result of a perfect marriage between microprocessor aided function and 40 years of professional analog audio expertise.

Studer, in the late eighties decided to make the ultimate engineer/technician/musician's machine. They took application suggestions from engineers in the field to better facilitate given studio habits. The net result was a machine with near perfect tape transport, and a multitude of handy features (reverse record, easier spot erasing, 4 different ways to dump tape, cigarette lighting, leftover eating, etc.)

The audio alignment is aided by a computer making it a matter of minutes to completely "set-up" the machine. It will memorize 2 sets of calibration data for every speed. This is handy when mixing down tapes recorded at different levels and speeds.

One feature that seems intimidating at first is the meter bridge. Bargraph meters on an analog machine seems wrong I know, however it gives you the ability to truly see transient levels. Either way you can accurately predict whether your signal is at a good level, or getting compressed/distorted. Whatever your preference, we can help orient you on what's what.

You can tell I like talking about this machine. Oh yeah, it sounds good too. Those of you familiar with the A-827 will get along fine with the A-820. They both sound transparent with mild bass bumps and extended high end.

Did I mention it eats leftovers? Let's see your pro tools do that.

We have 2" 24-track, and ultra high fidelity 16-track headblocks (2" 8-track headblock rentable).
All tape machines are calibrated before each session.

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