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Josephson e22s/606/609

Type: condenser
Quantity: 8

Designed spcifically for use on drums, this mic can take a beating physically as well as standing up to high SPL. The 606/609 designation is for the head amplifier. The 609 uses a Lundahl output transformer, the 606 is transformerless. Both can use the KA22S (side-address) or KA22 (cardioid) capsules. The e22s is the same as the 609/KA22s combination. Excellent general purpose condenser for drums, amplifiers, plectrum acoustic instruments, voices. See for more information.

Similar to: AKG C414, Gefell UM70, AKG 451

Since this mic is not similar in design to any of these mics listed, David Josephson suggested we explain just exactly what the hell we mean by "similar": It means that either regarding sound quality or application, you could substitute one for the other and not be too far off. It could imply a similarity in construction or design, but this is predicated on a similar utility or sound quality.

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