Electrical Audio Mid Side Matrix

Electrical Audio is proud to offer a powerful tool for stereo sound. Over the years we've built equipment that make our lives easier in the studio, and one particularly useful device is our Mid Side Matrix.

We do a lot of recording using mid-side stereo. It is a classic method for recording drums, piano, choir, acoustic guitar, string sections, and room ambience. Typically you would need three console channels to decode mid-side microphone signals, one for the mid signal (panned center), and two for the side (one panned left, the other panned right, with the polarity reversed). Our Mid Side Matrix eliminates the need to tie up console channels by providing a clean, accurate, adjustable matrix with excellent sound quality. One of the advantages of the M-S technique is completely variable stereo width, but when using console channels, the need to have both side channels set to precisely the same gain makes it difficult to quickly adjust the width of the stereo image. Our Matrix allows you to adjust stereo width with one knob. It also provides a left and right level trim to balance the output levels. We designed the Mid Side Matrix to be as transparent and easy to use as possible. This box is meant to do one thing, and it does it well.

MS Matrix Manual

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