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Room Mics really close to the Floor

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Room Mics really close to the Floor

Postby flav on Thu Apr 05, 2018 10:14 pm

Hi guys, flat out here in Bristol,UK... I have a pretty big issue in terms of Room Mics, so I use my Room mics as my main sound for my recordings(sludge/chaotic stoner type a music), but my SABIAN CYMBLES are REALLY loud so I end up record them with EQ(low pass filter, getting rid pretty much everything after 7,5kh and pretty heavy compressed as well <----- all these on the way in

but even that when I am mixing up the rest of my mics those Room mics(even though I cut them off) come up :/

so how do I get a very very good room mics sound with as less as possible cymbals?

I use 7 mics

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Re: Room Mics really close to the Floor

Postby max on Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:59 am

Some ideas:
1. If you want a very good room mic sound, you need a very good room. Diffusors and/or absorbers can help, but they will not turn a small practice space into a great live room. So don´t get your hopes up too high.
2. Hit the cymbals less hard or use different cymbals.
3. Do not aim the room mics straight at the cymbals.
3. Use microphones that are more forgiving in the top end. There are many pretty decent ribbon mics for relatively little money.
4. Use less compression on your room mics.
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duke ellington
duke ellington
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Re: Room Mics really close to the Floor

Postby Bernardo on Tue May 15, 2018 10:28 pm

Work on the cymbals. There's a a number of things you can try, what I adopted as my main solution is to use a large piece of foam under the offending cymbals and then control the dampening with how tight I have the cymbals against it. I have a number of these pieces of foam ready to go in my place. Unfortunately unless you work on the source the rest is damage control, you'll hardly get spectacular results otherwise.
Heavy music is tricky to get sounding good, it's not often that I get away with a minimalistic approach, btw.
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