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Bulding a New Studio

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Bulding a New Studio

Postby marcelomvbastos on Thu Jun 27, 2019 12:11 pm

Hey guys, whats up?

Im from Brazil and im a fan of your job and studios. Im ready to build a new studio in my city here from zero and I need some references to build, books, websites anything you can show to me gonna be awesome. Im looking to build a double wall, outside concrete block and inside old brick obtained from old houses.

I got questions about:

Room size? The main room gonna be 26x20x13, im looking to build a small dry room 8x10x9 and the control room same size.

About regular walls? Is better to make angled rooms, any specific angle or something?

I wanna understand about your basement air volume, what size its this basement celling and how you made the structure to the floor above?

Thats it, anything you guys can help gonna be great for me, thanks!

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Re: Bulding a New Studio

Postby EricMaur on Tue Feb 18, 2020 1:33 pm

Dear Marcelo, I think you need expert advice to solve this important task. People with a huge experience can help to design and build your ultimate recording studio very fast. I hope your ideas will come into realty.
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