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Review: EA November 2019 Seminar

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Review: EA November 2019 Seminar

Postby Adam.Grimm on Thu Dec 26, 2019 10:15 pm

I was hoping we could talk about how the November Seminar went with Steve and Greg teaching an analog tape session and workflow? Did anyone here get a chance to go? Is it likely there will be more? I would love to attend in the future when/if I could afford it.
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Re: Review: EA November 2019 Seminar

Postby tmoneygetpaid on Sat Jan 18, 2020 1:21 pm

Hi Adam,

From our perspective (the studio's/ staff's) it went great. Everything went smoothly, and everyone enjoyed it. We solicited feedback from people and almost everything was overwhelmingly positive.

The only change we are making for the 2020 seminar we are planning (more below) is that we are requiring some recording experience- nothing comprehensive, but a basic foundational experience in the concept- mostly so that we can dedicate more time to hands-on activities.

The 2020 seminar is scheduled for July 31- August 3, the cost will be the same ($2000 without lodging, $2200 with lodging).

We're currently putting together our publicity materials for the seminar, so it hasn't been formally announced on social media or whatever, but we'll be hopefully announcing by the end of the month o the beginning of February.

Thanks for your interest! I can put you in touch with a couple folks who did it if you want some unbiased feedback. And if you'd like to be contacted once we announce, please write us a quick note to the info@ email and I'll put you on that list.

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