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Welcome to the Intern's Corner

PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2003 12:59 am
by Intern_8033
Interning seems to be the most common way for lame people to get involved in sound recording these days. Until the Intern's Corner, there had been no appropriately lame medium to faciliate our communication. Many people probably think the issues surrounding interning are trivial and negligible. Well, unless you can tell me what happens to us when we die, fuck you. As far as I can figure it, making a record is just as pointless as washing windows.
This forum isn't just for interns, but anyone aspiring to be a recording engineer, studio owners curious about appropriate intern usage, or past interns who want to share their knowledge. Tell us what it is like interning at your studio. Here we can establish what should be expected from interns and what interns should expect. Previous interns, what did you get out of your experience?
I will try and pass on most of the education I am receiving to this forum. When I sit in on sessions, I'll take pictures and notes of the microphones and equipment being used. Hopefully people will ask questions about these sessions, and either the engineer will answer or I will ask them and post a reply. In a sense, these write ups will act as "virtual internships" for this studio. I recommend other interns do the same kind of thing in their studios, and this forum could turn into a useful resource for people interested in seeing how different studios solve problems.
I also plan on having gear reviews of new equipment we buy. I should have the first gear review up soon. Again, you are encouraged to post your own gear reviews.
That's all for now. I'm excited about the intern's corner, I think there is potential for a lot of interesting stuff here. We'll see where it goes.

Re: Welcome to the Intern's Corner

PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2019 1:39 pm
by <3janeway
can i borrow an intern? lol id like to buy a vowel... and an intern :P just let me borrow a cup of intern i promise i'll pay you back :o