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My Contention....

PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 12:07 pm
by Ruthleskng
I want to form a band,but the place I live in there is brilliant music and excellent musicians,but there is no point of playing with excellent musicians if they haven't heard "My Sharona" and Ramones. I can't do what they expect of me and they cant do what I expect of them.Its good what they do but its not me,so I decided to move in to US /UK,the land of Rock N Roll ,so that atleast I am not confined by language barriers,yes english isnt the native language here,but I have aspirations and people who I listen to sang and wrote in english so I feel comfortable in english.
I have thought about going to reality shows and pissing off the whole "REAL MUSICIANS" community but I cant even do that because the language they sing isn't english.
There are bars who allow solo artists to play,I sent them my demo (I accept not very good),but they want musicians who know their scales and pitch and everything,or bands cause people think its cool to like rock music and satan salute while listening to a band,I had none of the two so I couldn't.So I decided i will got to US(either san francisco,new york or chicago) ,atleast I can sing in bars or weddings or get a bass player(everyone's a lead guitarist where I live).
The only way to get to US is through taking admission in a college,and paying them loads of moneybut I am not a fan of being known as a "certified musician" from so and so school of music,I am happy with what I can do ,the DIY ideology,so I decided maybe not playing music but I can go for recording music,that way I can have my own studio,so after much thinking I decided to opt for sound engineering in some US college and spend the rest of my life in debt,to a US bank,unless I get an internship in a studio in US,Obviously I liked what Albini did with Pixies records ,its not like I worship the guy ,recording isnt my thing,not yet ,I dropped them a mail with my resume but they didn't reply.Its only today that I explored the site and found some good stuff here.
I found that you guys only select interns if they need school credit,no problem,but if you know of any other studio whose policy is not that confined ,tell me.I need to earn a living creating what i love,be in a community that understands what I know when i talk about it.And I am open to all kinds of suggestions from readers.Just make sure you know that my goal is to being able to play rock and roll to people who get it.
And yes currently i work in an IT firm and have one year experience,its decent money but not enough for starting a studio .
Here are two of my songs(audio only),i think they are good ,-

EDIT: I have decided that instead of spending my money on flight and stay,id build a studio ,not very fancy one as i cant afford but still a decent one.Can anyone give me some idea on it as I got none

Re: My Contention....

PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 1:58 am
by singers
Buy second hand if you wanna start a studio.