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Want to know the supply voltage, ininputs and outputs here

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Want to know the supply voltage, ininputs and outputs here

Postby Bankied on Tue May 09, 2017 4:23 am

I'm investigating building a modular analogue synthesizer, and learning electronics along the way.
I want to get a firm understanding of the supply voltage, inputs and outputs specification that is generally adopted, between each of the modules.

For example I'm aware a 15V power supply (a example from kynix:http://www.kynix.com/Detail/2587/LM3880MF-1AA.html) seems common; and 1V/Octave for the VCO. Is this correct? Is a +15v, -15v supply used? Also what is the output spec for the audio VCO?

Could anyone recommend further reading for these generally specifications and ratings?
I'm very new to this, and I'm starting with looking into the fundemental principles of a VCO, but want to build my experiments with the common specifications in mind - to drive to a useful goal. I don't want to just build a project thats out there, but learn the principles, design and build - I might not end up with the most stable modules.

No doubt pioneers such as Moog set initial standards, but keen to learn what the standard electrical spec for analogue synthesizers are, and how these expand out into the music studio.
Hope someone can help further.

Thanks in advance
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