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AMC TV Show: Mad Men

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Mad Men

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Re: AMC TV Show: Mad Men

Postby Redline on Fri May 01, 2020 11:01 am

A_Man_Who_Tries wrote:It was a fine ending, but I'm still irked they didn't go down this road.

https://medium.com/thelist/where-don-dr ... 6804523838

Now that I read that, it would've been a good ending!!

Mad Men is still the best TV besides Better Call Saul. Who knows, with everybody locked in watching old shows, Larry David getting a half billion to sell Seinfeld, Matthew Weiner could fire up a Mad Men : part two thing and make millions. What's Jon Hamm doing anyway besides playing poker?
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Re: AMC TV Show: Mad Men

Postby VaticanShotglass on Fri May 01, 2020 8:33 pm

I started to rewatch this on Netflix but stopped two episodes in. I love this show. It is amazing. But I got this queasy chill watching it again. I'm older now than the main character is at the beginning. He seemed so... I don't want to just say old, but so something that I had more comfortable distance from when I first watched the show. My head felt like it was spinning.

Maybe I'll try again sometime. Maybe if I don't watch it alone. So alone. Ahhhh!
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Re: AMC TV Show: Mad Men

Postby thelonelymastodronus on Sat Jun 20, 2020 6:59 am

I guess I'm one of the ones who gave this thing a go during lockdown and stuck with it. I finished it today and have to say I enjoyed almost all of it. One thing I didn't like is that everyone in it is just too damn good-looking but I guess that's part of why it was so successful at getting an audience.

I think my favourite part was the second half of the final season, especially Don's arc. Just drifting through dusty small towns, chasing after a woman miles more mysterious than he ever was, getting beaten up, throwing away his money and possessions, just coming undone at the seams....and then Leonard appears. I didn't think they'd give a voice to Don's shadows in the show's last moments like that but there it was. Fucking beautiful.

Pete should have gotten beaten up way more and that would've made it a better show but all in all, not crap I guess.
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