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Band: Rorschach

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Re: Band: Rorschach

Postby Hosoi on Thu Oct 31, 2019 11:29 pm

A few years ago someone gave me a gift certificate for x dollars to this record store. It was very nice of them (in theory).

That record store is the worst in town, if you ask me. I recall going in there numerous times, looking at every record and gagging. (Sorry.)

The last time I went there I finally found something decent, the Rorschach double LP reissue of Protestant/Remain Sedate. It cost x/7 while used copies of Rumors were, like, x/5.

I asked the record store guy to order something for me that I would actually buy. It cost basically 2x. He wrote down the information and said he'd call me once it arrived, but he never did it. That really ticked me off!

I knew the only way to freedom was to tear up the gift certificate and throw it in the trash, so that's what I did. I think it had my name on it or something so I couldn't give it away/dump garbage onto someone else if they liked that sort of thing.

I guess the record store guy comes out on top in society or whatever, but I'm the one who's free!!!

Anyhow, gift certificates/cards/etc. are a jail sentence. They're supposed to have value, they say it right there, but it's prison.

I love Rorschach. I wish I got to see them.
bernard purdie
bernard purdie
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