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2020 Trump Opponent: Pete Buttigieg

Vote and debate.

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Mayor Pete?

Meet Pete!
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Re: 2020 Trump Opponent: Pete Buttigieg

Postby nihil on Wed Oct 16, 2019 3:55 pm

Angus Jung wrote:
Seriously, fuck this loathsome Howdy Doody-looking piece of crap.

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Best leader Who Realized Human Wisdom
Best leader Who Realized Human Wisdom
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Re: 2020 Trump Opponent: Pete Buttigieg

Postby askii on Wed Oct 16, 2019 4:55 pm

This little shitbag is an even more aggressive defender of the neoliberal status quo than Biden is. Seriously, find someone who looks at you the way Mayo Pete looks at private health insurance premiums.

The reactionary zeal with which he leaned into that Harvard Debate Club showdown with Beto over mandatory gun buybacks, incrementalism vs. ambitious reform, etc., aaaalmost made me feel bad for Beto.

As for the mind-bogglingly, exhaustingly disingenuous argument that there is some kind of metaphysical difference between payroll deductions used to buy insurance CEOs' yachts and payroll deductions used to fund public services: there is a handy new interactive tax policy simulator, courtesy of famed Berkeley economists Saez and Zucman, that allows users to see for themselves just how fucking stupid this is. Sample output:


Data for Progress poll-tested these four (anonymized) plans, and the results are shocking. Shocking!

But we're supposed to believe the Rhodes scholar doesn't understand any of this -- or risk pools, administrative overhead, drug price negotiation, or anything else about how healthcare works. Mmmmkay.
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Re: 2020 Trump Opponent: Pete Buttigieg

Postby jimmy two hands on Mon Oct 21, 2019 3:20 pm

I'm done with this guy. He's a less violent and smirky version of Klobuchar.
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jimmy two hands
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Re: 2020 Trump Opponent: Pete Buttigieg

Postby Angus Jung on Tue Oct 22, 2019 11:49 am

He's positioning himself as the fallback for Biden voters as Biden continues to falter, and it seems to be working. He's rising in the polls in Iowa. Mayo Pete is gonna be around a while.
Angus Jung
Present-day God
Present-day God
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Re: 2020 Trump Opponent: Pete Buttigieg

Postby VaticanShotglass on Wed Oct 23, 2019 1:16 am

blech. His angling is so transparent, but I guess most people aren't paying attention too closely? I missed the last debate, but most of the edited clips seem to be pushing Klobuchar's time on the clock, then this guy, who managed to sneer a little less than she did.
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Lode Star of the Twenty-First Century
Lode Star of the Twenty-First Century
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Re: 2020 Trump Opponent: Pete Buttigieg

Postby A_Man_Who_Tries on Wed Oct 23, 2019 1:22 am

Huge fan of LGBTQ as Let's Get Buttigieg To Quit.
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meatball enthusiast
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