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Should I move for an internship?

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Should I move for an internship?

Postby rivalbee on Wed Sep 19, 2018 8:54 pm

I am a Music Recording and Technology student at a school in Ohio, and as part of my requirements I will need to do an internship in about a year, maybe less if I do it over the summer. The professor in charge of the program (also the only professor that teaches recording classes) can provide an internship at their own studio if I don't find one elsewhere, which is what most people seem to do. I'd like to avoid doing that, as I feel I can have a more well rounded experience if I go somewhere else. After all, I have already taken 2 years of classes with this professor. My main question is, is it a good idea to look for an internship in a place that's far away enough for me to have to move? Right now I'm located halfway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, and far enough away that if I get an internship in either of those places, I'd have to move. I'm also located approximately halfway between Chicago and NYC. I'm really excited about the potential opportunities that I have, but am I being realistic when I plan to move for an internship?
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Re: Should I move for an internship?

Postby scrotescape on Mon Sep 24, 2018 12:40 pm

If there is only 1 option where you are, than you’ll likely have to go somewhere with more opportunities. But be realistic about finances/ have an actual source
Of income arranged
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