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New Forum Guidelines

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New Forum Guidelines

Postby russ on Mon Nov 07, 2005 2:38 pm


1. The purpose of a starting a thread is to start a discussion. Put some thought into what you are doing. This takes more than a title and a few words. A good thread does not involve just posting some picture without any commentary.

2. A poll should consist of a minimum of two competing choices. Polls are judged more harshly than threads started wthout a poll.

3. If you make a post stating that you are leaving, you will be. If you make a poll asking if you should leave, and you lose, you will be.

4. This is not the forum for you to express every stupid sexual thought that comes into your head. Topics dealing in a sexual nature are fine but they still must meet the standard above.

5. Someone creating a good thread is not license for you to make countless and much worse knock off threads.

6.Posters who reside mostly in General Discussion will be banned more switftly and harshly than those who contribute to the other forums.

7. Threads about other posters are almost universally stupid. Especially nasty threads. Unless you are 100% sure that is it a good or funny story or something similar don't do this.

8. This is not a chat room, your blog or an AIM window. Either participate and further the discussion in a meaningful way or stay out. If all you can provide is a constant stream of meaningless short replies of sexual innuendos and other crap then you simply do not need to be here. This rule is not absolute as there is a time for such replies every now and then, however if this is all you do you are going to have problems.

Feel free to PM the moderators if you have comments or concerns.
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Re: New Forum Guidelines

Postby greg on Fri Apr 06, 2012 6:03 pm

If you are having trouble registering an account, email the studio directly.
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