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What Are You Listening To Right This Second?

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Postby ironyengine on Fri Sep 03, 2004 11:00 pm

Derek & the Dominoes - Layla
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Humankind's Greatest Musical Genius
Humankind's Greatest Musical Genius
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Postby GuyMercier on Sat Sep 04, 2004 4:48 am

Melvins - Egg nog
it's so cute
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Postby Cranius on Sat Sep 04, 2004 5:44 am

Les Fleur-Minnie Ripperton

It always makes me cry.
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World's Greatest Writer
World's Greatest Writer
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Postby pdc_heavy on Sat Sep 04, 2004 9:30 am

"Frankenstein" - New York Dolls
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Postby wiggins on Sat Sep 04, 2004 10:30 am

gorge trio - health seekers
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treaty of versailles
treaty of versailles
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Postby LaSalle bon Dioxide on Sat Sep 04, 2004 11:48 am

A year ago, I played a burned copy of a Dazzling Killmen album (I don't even know which one) that a friend of mine told me I'd love. It didn't really do it for me. I just played it for the first time since then and my mind is officially blown.
LaSalle bon Dioxide
pigmeat markham
pigmeat markham
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Postby Maurice on Sat Sep 04, 2004 1:26 pm

Battles, EP C. Very engaging, and the repetition is hitting me just right. While there's not as much development in these pieces as there was in, say, Don Cab, it's not stopping me from enjoying it. Surprisingly groovy, some 70s Miles flavors on "Hi/Lo," and some mighty bomb-dropping drumming. (I'd not listened to Helmet, so I hadn't expected it.)
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Power Incarnate with Endless Creativity
Power Incarnate with Endless Creativity
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Postby elisha wiesner on Sat Sep 04, 2004 7:37 pm

odessey and oracle by the zombies
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elisha wiesner
Humankind's Greatest Musical Genius
Humankind's Greatest Musical Genius
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Postby somniferum on Sat Sep 04, 2004 9:13 pm

NEUROSIS-The Eye Of Every Storm. I have a Kenwood 5 disc changer, & it automatically started playing that cd. Before that (5 min ago) was Bolt Thrower-For Victory.
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Postby Chris Hardings on Sun Sep 05, 2004 3:33 pm

Scratch Acid - Greatest Gift

it takes me 3 car rides to get through the whole thing. Lovely little thing it is.

Periodically, when good old Dee Yow isn't doing for me, Fetch the Compass kids (Danielson Famile) is at hand.

Oh and at all times Spiderland is near the player in case I need to take a breath.

Chris Hardings
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A Strange Film - Rence or Ramos (ignore)
Chris Hardings
howard shore
howard shore
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Postby Andrew L. on Sun Sep 05, 2004 7:01 pm

Local Rabbits.
Andrew L.
Eternal Bosom of Hot Love
Eternal Bosom of Hot Love
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Postby l_o_c on Sun Sep 05, 2004 11:50 pm

John Lee Hooker-Burning Hell.
secretary of state
secretary of state
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Postby horsewhip on Sun Sep 05, 2004 11:57 pm

The Sultans "Shipwrecked."

Probably the perfect soundtrack to bop around to whilst cleaning the bathroom. Fuck yeah.
urinated in reservoir
urinated in reservoir
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Postby ikilledfredmertz on Mon Sep 06, 2004 2:30 am

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secretary of the interior
secretary of the interior
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Postby Gone Savage on Mon Sep 06, 2004 2:39 am

The Big Sonic Chill radio show.

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Gone Savage
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Postby Bernardo on Mon Sep 06, 2004 10:28 am

Cheap Trick - I Want You to Want Me
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Power Incarnate with Endless Creativity
Power Incarnate with Endless Creativity
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Postby Jeff Deff on Tue Sep 07, 2004 2:52 pm

The Maddox Brothers & Rose "The Hoot-Owl Melody"
Jeff Deff
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Postby the Classical on Tue Sep 07, 2004 2:58 pm

The most recent Fall Peel Session
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the Classical
Eternal Bosom of Hot Love
Eternal Bosom of Hot Love
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Postby Mr. Chimp on Tue Sep 07, 2004 3:02 pm

Robyn Hitchcock's Jewels for Sophia
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Mr. Chimp
Leader with Extraordinary Personality
Leader with Extraordinary Personality
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Postby geiginni on Tue Sep 07, 2004 3:21 pm

Fletcher Henderson's Dixie Stompers 1925-1928.

The track "Panama" is incredible.

BTW: I just picked up and listened to the Candid LP "Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus" with Eric Dolphy. As I was listening, I thought "where has such a record been all my life". What a fantastic session. A jazz epiphany, if you will (which you might not).
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Man with Encyclopedic Knowledge
Man with Encyclopedic Knowledge
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