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Traveling to Mexico

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Postby crackedmachine on Thu Jun 12, 2008 2:10 pm

I really love Mexico City. It's true, though, that you need to be careful to take legitimate taxis. The fake taxis may rob you, or drive you to an ATM and take your money. It's easy enough to avoid the pirate taxis, though.

If you go to Mexico City, you should visit Coyoacan - the outdoor market there you can buy a lot of touristy crap, but also some really cool stuff. It's a good place to get El Santo masks and $1 cds.

You should also consider taking a bus to San Miguel de Allende - also a touristy place, but beautiful. It's a very old, small town.

The coast of souther Mexico is amazing. A lot of it remains pretty rural and undeveloped, which is a good thing. A place like La Crucecita in Oaxaca would be a good place to visit - you can take a cheap cab from there to some wonderful bays in the area. The surf on the ocean beaches is pretty rough, but if you ask the people who live there (such as the taxi drivers) where to go, they'll take you.

There are cheap buses that are crowded and uncomfortable, and there are also nicer buses that are air-conditioned. The nicer buses are still cheap by US standards.

The west coast is also great. Sinaloa is a great place to visit. Guadalajara, while inland, is a fun city.

Pretty much anywhere you go, you'll find amazing food and cheap bars. Be careful about drinking liquor at bars, as sometimes it's cut with other liquids. You can sort of use your judgment on that, based on the atmosphere. Beer is always a good choice. And always look for the outdoor markets. They are in pretty much every city, and if nothing else are a great place to see the people.

This may be a stupid question, but do you speak Spanish? Obviously, that helps make the trip more fun, spontaneous and less worry.

I cannot wait to for my next trip to Mexico.
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Postby matthewbarnhart on Thu Jun 12, 2008 2:13 pm

I've spent a bit of time in Guanajuato (near Leon and San Miguel Allende) -- my brother in law taught there for two years.

Really beautiful, great food, lots of Spanish colonial and Mexican revolutionary history, and relatively free of police problems (Federales, the federal police, are very corrupt, but don't have a presence here really).

It's a destination for Mexican tourists, so the government keeps things safe, but not resort-safe, if that makes any sense.

Just don't drink the water.
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Postby Marsupialized on Thu Jun 12, 2008 2:33 pm

Nobody has mentioned the fact they don't even speak English in most parts of Mexico!
Try and order some food, just try. They'll stand there making chriping noises at you. Then they wanna make a big fucking deal about it if you slap them, get everyone in the town involved.
Fuck Mexico.
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Postby zom-zom on Thu Jun 12, 2008 2:38 pm

We left the tourist area of Akumal and walked into the pueblo.
Everyone was smiling at us and the booze was much cheaper. A guy was cooking chicken outside on a grill, it looked great so we went in.

"Pollo seulemente" or whatever. Only Chicken. We said fine, we had just come back from hiking around the ruins and it was hot. Dude brought out the coldest beer ever, and we had bbq chicken, beans and rice, cabbage salad and tortillas, with two beers it was about $4 each. Really good and the man, Roberto, was very cool. We brought back freshly cooked tortillas, more rum and chicken and had it on the beach.
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Postby eva03 on Fri Jun 13, 2008 6:25 pm

crackedmachine wrote:This may be a stupid question, but do you speak Spanish? Obviously, that helps make the trip more fun, spontaneous and less worry.

I cannot wait to for my next trip to Mexico.

Not a stupid question and unfortunately I don't about 90% of my anxiety would be gone if I did but the best I can do is learn a few key phrases and try as hard as I can to only speak Spanish.
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Southern Yucatan coast

Postby rabbitsnake on Fri Jun 13, 2008 7:50 pm

I recently stayed 5 days in a "eco-tourist" resort in Tulum. It was a shack, nice enough, on the beach, right outside a completely undeveloped town. The town was a main drag with cheap bars and restaurants, no trouble or crime from what I could tell. It was very nice and about $50 a night. This was 45 minutes south of the cancun airport along a safe enough highway swarming with federal police. The place was called Tierras Del Sol. Speaking Spanish really helps, brush up.
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Postby scott on Sat Jun 14, 2008 3:06 am

Before I went to central america, I knew exactly zero Spanish. I bought a cd rom computer dealy intended to help me learn, and within a couple weeks after cramming with that, I tried out my conversational skills with the cashier at the local liquor store in Chicago where I was always buying shit.

Within a couple months, I had learned enough spanish that when I was sitting on the sidewalk in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and there were two local girls sitting and talking about me, I understood a couple phrases including "el no comprende nada" or the like, which means "he doesn't understand anything". I looked at them and smiled like an idiot. a great moment for me.

the funniest language mishap I had was either when I was hastily exiting the bus with the four pending robbers and I said "excusa me", which means absolutely nothing in Spanish (I now know I shoulda said "permiso"), or the time when a child selling gum came up to the bus window and I said "no tienes dinero. es verdad. lo ciento", which means "you don't have any money. it's true. I'm sorry" when I meant to say "no *tengo* dinero" which means *I* don't have any money. that one wasn't as funny as it was kinda shitty and sad, but I can laugh about my ignorance in retrospect. i didn't mean to tell the poor kid he had no money, which he obviously knew already. my Spanish skills just sucked ass.

Spanish is a pretty straightforwad language, easy enough to learn some verbs and nouns and shit so you can put together sentences that are grammatically a mess but still convey the sentiment you're trying to convey. and the rules of pronounciation are very, very straightforward, as I've experienced most non-English languages to be.

"demasiado" means "too much". that's one of the first Spanish expressions I made a point of learning. I now know how to say "too much" or "too many" in four languages. for some odd reason, that's a sentiment I often find myself wanting to convey.
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Re: Traveling to Mexico

Postby ErikG on Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:55 pm

Going with the lady to Quintana Roo. My first trip to Mexico.

Three days in Coba to see the ruins, then three days in Cancun.

Not looking for excitement. Just relaxing.

Whatcha got, PRF?

EDITED: Never mind, trip postponed.
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Re: Traveling to Mexico

Postby Tommy on Mon Apr 23, 2018 4:51 pm

Going to Mexico City in a month and will only be there 4 nights. I think we are probably housing in the Condesa/Roma area. Hit me with any/all of your advice!
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