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New Google News blows. Favourite RSS aggregators and feeds?

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New Google News blows. Favourite RSS aggregators and feeds?

Postby sleepkid on Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:35 am

So Google, which always had a nice news page to turn to when on my work computer or elsewhere, has really gone to sucksville with their new news format, which they appear ready to persist with despite the massive outcry against it.

It's causing me to surreptitiously install feedly onto all the computers I come into contact with, so that I can just then log into my google account, open feedly, and have all the RSS news feeds I subscribe to ready to go. (Before I only had feedly installed on my home computer, and just read Google News to pass the time during breaks at work.)

Feedly isn't perfect (wish it was slightly more customizable but there are workarounds), but it's a damn handy plug-in for firefox and I think it installs into Chrome as well.

I've got the BBC, CNN, the Mainichi Shinbun, the New York Times, the Tape Op Log, the Premier League, Engadget, Mashable, Boing Boing, TechCrunch, Aperture, Pitchfork (yeah, I know, but a good way to stay on top of new releases despite their sometimes assinine attitude and reviews), some web design magazines, some blogs, a chess column or two, and some of this and some of that in my RSS feeds. It's great. Customized newspaper/magazine which I can open with a click of a button.

Is anyone else out there using RSS aggregators? What are you using? What do you like? Any RSS feeds that you recommend?

I'll be taking the "new Google News blows" out of the title of this thread later, but it seemed an appropriate way to introduce this topic, and their new format irritated me, so I felt the need to vent.

Kerble me if this has been covered.
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