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looking for good books and docs about latin america

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looking for good books and docs about latin america

Postby BClark on Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:19 am

Hi all. Recently I've become very interested in the history and current affairs of Latin America. I've been reading many books and have sought out a few documentaries, but am eagerly looking for more. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

I'll offer my own recommendations...
Latin America by Noam Chomsky (interview collection)
Miami by Joan Didion
Salvador by Joan Didion
Evil Hour in Colombia by Forrest Hylton
Pirates of the Caribbean by Tariq Ali
Ya Basta: 10 Years with the Zapatista Uprising by Subcomandante Marcos
Cuba: a New History by Richard Gott
Bitter Fruit by Stephen Schlesinger
Mexico Unconquered by John Gibler

I am currently awaiting an order of Sartre on Cuba and C Wright Mills' Listen Yankee: The Revolution in Cuba. Currently reading Born in Blood and Fire by John Charles Chasteen.

Also, I highly recommend the documentary A Place Called Chiapas, about the Zapatista Uprising.
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