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Entertainment for kids

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Re: Entertainment for kids

Postby jimmy spako on Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:12 pm

Great thread!

Please excuse the naive question – I will look into it on my own but as always I am interested in what you guys think about such things. My son is nine months old. We don't have a TV and generally are diligent about keeping him away from casual screen contact. He goes to the movies once a week with his mom (baby screening nearby, he will age out in three months). At the moment I have him on my own around bedtime once a week while my girlfriend goes to choir rehearsal. We've been doing this for about six weeks. It's going alright enough, but unlike our duo time together during the day I am basically just trying to run out the clock on him without a bedtime separation anxiety meltdown. Anyways, I started watching live music videos with great drummers on YouTube with him when he is on edge and he is very into it, enraptured even. He's seen some live music before. We play around here with sticks too, mostly hitting a psaltery at the moment (zither-like instrument). Most of the videos are pretty straight-forward, no heavy, frenetic editing or anything. So my question: Is it generally alright to do this or is it affecting him in ways I might not be aware of? Am I setting myself up by introducing a screen so early based on your experience? A general bit of advice I heard from someone I respect that I think seems pretty sound is just to hold out on anything and everything that can turn in to baby/child crack (screens, sugar, etc) as long as you possibly can, but I have already caved pragmatically on this, telling myself that the content makes it different. What do you think?
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jimmy spako
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Re: Entertainment for kids

Postby Anthony Flack on Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:02 pm

You can hold out, but they are independent human beings and they express their own preferences pretty early. They're also not stupid and can clearly see that adult toys like smartphones and TVs are top shelf entertainment. And they figure out how to navigate technology really fast.

Anybody who's had more than one kid will know that they come with their personalities largely pre-programmed. My opinion is that if you love your kids and don't abuse them then chances are they're going to turn out at least as well-adjusted as the rest of us knuckleheads. People are resilient. If the most damaging thing you're doing to your kid is watching music videos then you're a great parent.
Anthony Flack
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Present-day God
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Re: Entertainment for kids

Postby seanurban on Fri Dec 01, 2017 4:21 am

Anthony Flack wrote:
The Nintendo Wii U. Fucking brilliant console for kids, families, people who aren't dead inside. Non-violent, mixed ability games designed to be played together.

I don't have either, but I think the Switch is going to pound Wii U into dust. Everybody loves Mario odyssey.
The ds2 is super affordable right now.
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Re: Entertainment for kids

Postby Madman Munt on Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:20 am

Tell them to fuck off outside and play in the woods with the neighbour kids and don't come back till tea time.
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Madman Munt
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