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The Cathouse of Louisville, KY

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The Cathouse of Louisville, KY

Postby William_Benton on Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:55 pm

Feel free to inform me if there is a more appropriate thread for this message. I ain't sentimental.

I know I'm not the best forum-interracter/social butterflyer......doesn't mean I don't love ya'.

I wanted to mention that- after a little break to record and handle some medical issues- I look to get back to hosting shows at The Cathouse in the new year.

Some of you's guys/friends have played here before but, for those who haven't, my downstairs has a large, open room. I usually tell people "house shows" but it's something a tad bigger/more venue-like than the norm there. More of a "space".
But- it's not a room where balls-out rock show volume is the best idea. A little bit of discipline in that department seems to help retain a crowd. (It's a loud room.)

Scheduling is spotty (cos I work and such) but I try to accommodate to the best of my abilities. Fridays and Sundays work best. Thursdays are doable.

Message me at: catcasual at gmail dot com

Hope to see some of ya again soon.
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