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Post a song, we tell you who/what it reminds us of

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Post a song, we tell you who/what it reminds us of

Postby voncorn on Fri Dec 08, 2017 9:22 pm

Post a song that you are or have been curious as to what other artists/bands/songs/genres that other users are reminded of or what they think may have influenced it. Anything at all, a well-known hit, the deepest cut, track 3 from obscure local band's EP that you and only you love but sense it may be heavily borrowing its sound from a more renowned group that completely eludes you.

The idea is to help each other point out a song's possible inspirations or spiritual peers, however it may seem obvious to you, and a chance to be all "if you like this, you'll LOVE that" so everyone wins. If I were to post a Versus song and a guitar part has you reminded of Primus, even in the most meandering way, let it be known!

I'll start with this one, it's beautiful and the only one on the album that sounds like it. Please show me the light to more:

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