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Re: India.

Postby dontfeartheringo on Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:21 pm

sparky wrote:DFTR, salut. Your visit will stick deep into your recollections for life.

I'm just over halfway through a six month assignment in Gurgaon, a cough splat from Delhi, and confess that I am not enjoying the place. My colleagues are lovely, but the city and the smog over it is grim. There's a seamy, boozy side to it which I'm told has violent trimmings. Don't be around this mall or that mall at night, one woman told me, men hang around, looking.

Gurgaon is fascinating in the hard details, and I've been treated very well. The most prestigious address in Gurgaon is Golf Course Rd, which gives an idea of the spirit of the city.

After a Christmas break, I'll be back there for a last ten weeks. We visited Jaipur earlier this month; the Amber Fort still astonishes, but traffic has ruined the Pink City for me. Bring ear plugs. I could have framed the confusion on some poor rickshaw driver's face at my girlfriend's stream of Gallic invective after he near burst our eardrums with needless honking, squeezing past us under an arch. The motor horns are relentless, and that's normal. As I glared at the guy, I realised berating him was uncalled for, in fact just mean. Bloody tourists.

Hope to get back to the hills at some point.

Oi, Sparky, please contact me some way or another so I can put you in touch with my new friends in Delhi. Everything I did with them was fun, from exploring the city to things as simple as grabbing a dosa while out picking up laundry.

Yeah, the way people use auto horns in India is confounding if you're not prepared for it. I adapted quickly, but my rooms where I was sleeping never overlooked any sort of motorway. I did wake up to what sounded like some sort of animal riot under my window, one morning, with pigs squealing and dogs barking and two myna birds on the ledge just shrieking. It was all over by sunrise, but by then I was done sleeping, and wandered downstairs for chai, roti and dahl.

Definitely the vibe I got was that everything north and east of Dibrugarh is the equivalent of the Wild West in the USA. There was hardly any police presence anywhere and people openly, if not too brazenly, smoked spliffs and were relaxed. It felt very different from Delhi, not least because the air was exceptionally clear and bright. I can put you in touch with some guys who get up there on the reg and are very chill. You could do a lot worse than to get a room in Pasighat and do some exploring from there.

You would need some sort of regional travel documents to cross the border into Arunachal Pradesh, but I think those can be sorted out fairly simply online.

Hit me up!
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Re: India.

Postby B_M_L on Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:57 am

I was in Mumbai for a few weeks in Nov-Dec.

I am still haunted by the car horns... 24hours non-stop.

I didn't get to do much apart from work - the few times I go out were in the evenings to eat. I loved the food there and my local colleagues were super good at taking me out to try different things.

I hope that next time (maybe this year) I will have time to get out of the city and go to some different regions.
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