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Don Caballero - "American Don"

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Green One?

Postby Andrew Weatherhead on Wed Jul 23, 2003 11:42 pm

Which "green one" are you talking about? Both Don Caballero II and What Burns Never Returns feature green album covers. Please be more specific.
Andrew Weatherhead
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rocky mountain oysters
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Postby sixteenrev on Thu Jul 24, 2003 11:44 am

Their greenness is directly proportional to their goodness
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Re: Green One?

Postby greasygoose on Thu Jul 24, 2003 12:26 pm

Andrew Weatherhead wrote:Which "green one" are you talking about? Both Don Caballero II and What Burns Never Returns feature green album covers. Please be more specific.

Looking through my "Donallero" records… My copy of "II" is not green. It has pictures of smokestacks, presumably from the steel mill towns like Steubenville which line the Ohio River en route to the Three Rivers City, where I spent many a trip as a youngster travelling to and fro my grandparents house in New Kensington.

I think you know the record I’m talking about. In the abbreviated, monosyllabic language apparently more easily understood by fans of this band, it’s called "What Burn Nev Ret." The "Trey Dog’s Acid" seven-inch (recorded at Electrical) is also largely green in color, also contains material apparently re-worked and re-recorded for this lp, and also is very good. Mind you, I think everything released by this band is pretty good to a greater or lesser extent; I just feel that the green album is the best representation of their work.

Can we move on now?

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another don caballero myth that needs uncovering

Postby mikewhojobshadowedsteve on Thu Jul 31, 2003 12:18 am

I heard somewhere that Matt Jencik (Taking Pictures, Hurl) did work on American Don, and i was curious if this rumor was true? If yes, then what exactly did he do because he isn't mentioned anywhere in the jacket cover.

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Re: Don Caballero - "American Don"

Postby travis k on Sun Dec 17, 2017 1:42 am

This record is fantastic for stationary bike riding.
I'm dead serious. Counting seconds sort of melts away. Which is what you're after in that situation.
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