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Help me find this 1964/5 Vox AC30

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Help me find this 1964/5 Vox AC30

Postby honeyisfunny on Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:54 pm

I'd be very grateful if any folks in the UK/EU who know of a 1964/5 AC30 with the following characteristics could get in touch:

Grey/blue control panel with 6 input sockets (4 black, 2 white)
Blue "Vox" badged Celestion speakers
"Jumper" voltage control (as opposed to switch)
Missing the VOX logo on the front
Has possibly had some sort of repair/replacement for the transformer but this is not confirmed. It may even be in a non-working state at present.

I know this is extremely vague but if you know of an amp matching this spec (and it's a very small period between 64 and 65 where they had the grey top panel and blue speakers) *please* get in touch. Don't worry, I won't be sending the police round for it.

I am happy to explain the full story in private but not publicly. The short version is that this amp was loaned to a professional rock musician who then decided it belonged to him. It's suspected he sold it though he tells a different story about it being stolen from him (among other conflicting tales).
I need to find out what happened to it and, if it isn't in his possession any more, why that is. It's a very valuable piece of kit and the guy who borrowed it has shat from a height on the owner whichever story is true.
The people involved in this tale are semi-recognisable names so if you or your friend's AC30 came from a 90s British indie rocker or an acid-rock guy from 80s pop bands then I would especially like to hear from you.

Here is the only photo I have that doesn't point fingers at people, it's not good but you can see the grill cloth coloration fairly well. I have better photos I can share privately. Thank you in advance.

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