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Neumann (Gefell) 563 PSU Fuse

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Neumann (Gefell) 563 PSU Fuse

Postby greg on Thu May 18, 2017 2:55 pm

Postby jpmarin on Thu May 18, 2017 1:04 pm

Does anyone know what is the (or a) correct replacement fuse for a Neumann 563's PSU (an original, as it would've come stock)? The other day the mic sounded ungrounded (hum), and on the following, the PSU wouldn't turn on at all. I'm hoping it's just the fuse. I checked it out and it has nothing stamped/engraved on it at all, and the wire seems to be on the outside of the glass. 50+ year old PSU, may just be its time, fingers crossed.

Thanks in advance

I made a new topic to keep the Tech Log as it is. Feel free to post any tech questions as a new topic (search the forum for relevant threds first).

If you have the N61 power supply, the schematic says 0.1A, but this is expecting the mains to be 220VAC. Are you using this in the US? If you are, it worked at some point, and you aren't using a step up transformer, your power supply has been modified in some way or doesn't have the original guts.
Here's what an N61 looks like.
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