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Reel flanges, hubs, and screw kits group buy

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Reel flanges, hubs, and screw kits group buy

Postby eliya on Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:13 am

The Ampex mailing list is doing a group buy for 1/4" (and possibly 1/2") flanges, hubs, and screw kits. The prices are:

Flanges: $4 each
Screw Kits: $3 each
Hubs: $3 each

These prices are pretty good if you're looking to put together some take up reels, or if you're buying 1/4" or 1/2" pancakes. Right now only 1/4" hubs are ordered, but if there's demand then they'll make some 1/2" hubs. PM me if you're interested and I'll put you in touch with the guy who's putting the order together. Here's the original post from the list:

I have been talking to some people at Cornerstone Composites, the company
which now appears to be the last outfit left making aluminum tape reels.

They make some very nice NAB hub and Precision hub reels as well, but they
are pretty expensive and due to the minimum size of an anodizing run, small
orders are even more expensive. By expensive, I mean $10/flange for NAB
flanges, less hub and screw kits, for a run of 100 pieces. Now I see why
used reels are selling for so much on Ebay today.

I asked if there was any way to get somewhat lower prices, possibly doing
without anodizing at all (since the Scotch and earlier Ampex reels were
just stamped and finished with no hard anodizing anyway). And they came back
to me with a very interesting proposal.

They have some factory seconds, flanges with minor surface defects that have
not been anodized. They sent me a few to look over and to be honest they
look better than most of the reels that we were getting new from Ampex in
the seventies. There are some occasional scratches here and there but
purely cosmetic only and nothing that looks like it would cause any problem
for routine studio use at all.

They're willing to sell 500 of these for $4 each. Which to my mind is pretty
good and actually a good bit better than the $3.50 I was paying for the
Acrometals reels back in 1995.

They're also willing to cut us a good deal on first quality ones if we can
come up with an order for a thousand. However, I don't see the first quality
ones as being any better.

These are just raw flanges, but we can ask about hubs and screw kits for
people who might not be stocked up on them.

Please don't pass these prices around, this is a bit of a special deal for the
mailing list if we can get people together to put in one group buy. I'm not
saying this is definite here, I am just putting out first feelers to ask if
people are interested in a group buy at these prices and to ask generally how
many can we get.
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