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Productiondome: Shellac Releases

Vote and debate.

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Which do your ears like most?

At Action Park
1000 Hurts
Excellent Italian Greyhound
Other (EPs/singles)
Total votes : 84

Re: Productiondome: Shellac Releases

Postby dahousen on Mon Apr 07, 2014 1:54 pm

Wait, why not a double LP
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ward boss
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Re: Productiondome: Shellac Releases

Postby mr.arrison on Mon Apr 07, 2014 3:19 pm

Terraform. It's roomy but has clarity. The bass sound has a fantastic marriage with Steve's guitar. All the instruments have a "full spectrum" quality to them, as unscientific as that sounds. It strikes a great balance between dry and roomy.

I also dig the 7" singles too.

My least favorite recording (production-wise) by Shellac is probably At Action Park. I think the bass drum sounds like cardboard (in a great sounding room nonetheless) and the bass guitar sounds like someone pinching a wet loaf. It is saved by the strength of the songwriting.

The most remarkably odd recording in the catalog is the Rambler Song split 7" with Mule. How is it that Shellac's production can sound so much like 70's Fleetwood Mac meets Herbie Hancock? I dig it. The bass sounds like some kind of funk clavinet(?) and the drums are as dry as the desert. I love it.
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