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Movie: Lady Bird

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Movie: Lady Bird

Postby SkronkFronkerdale on Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:19 pm

Was eager to see this film after discovering the wonderfully talented Greta Gerwig in Frances Ha recently, and then finding out she had a film coming out that she directed. Loved it! A very refreshing take on Catholic schools. Some of the horrors that went on in such places are more typical fodder for drama nowadays, but Greta injects this somewhat cloistered world with humanity and humor and is all the better for it. Bonus points for name-checking my guys Kierkegaard and Zinn. Was very funny in parts, especially the "punk"/rebel kid.

The coming-of-age-film schtick might be too tired for some to ignore, and though I thought Greta avoided most of the pitfalls of the formula, it is still a formula. Though, at this point in art history, if we avoid all formulas altogether there won't be a whole lot left to consume or to create.

Excited for Ms. Gerwig's career! Not Crap.
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buelah witch
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