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The Louisville Thread

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Re: The Louisville Thread

Postby VaticanShotglass on Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:39 pm

Howdy folks. It looks like m moving to Louisville by the beginning of the year. I have a friend who lives there and she and her husband ar being very generous and letting move into the upstairs room in their house. Provisionally the plan is to stay there up to 6 months to get started. From there I hope to have a job to pay for my own place. I'm moving over from Cincinnati, which isn't too far. I'm kinda starting over fresh here. I'm nervous, but it has to be better than starting over in rural NC where I'm at for the moment.

I'll be living in a nice neighborhood which feels like culture shock to me (huge houses, expensive, etc.). That part isn't really my style, but fuck it. It does have a nice walking path and a pond. There's also a nice park down the street. I'm excited to get a good walking routine again. Hopefully I can get to know some of the cooler parts of town with time.

I'm nervous about looking for work, but I have a meeting in Cincinnati to help fix up my resume and related stuff. I'm going to study up on this thread, but if anyone has any advice off the top of their heads I'm eager to hear it. Like are there places to avoid, odd tricks to living there, etc? If I liked Cincinnati, which many don't, I hope I'll like this place. I have zero spending money right now, but if that changes I hope to find a few luxuries like a record shop (or someplace with used CDs), cheap eats, places to go read and write, a good used bookstore, and so on.
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