Staff & Friends


Steve Albini

Owner and Recording Engineer Steve designed Electrical and moved his home studio, where he recorded for over 10 years, here in 1997. A Montana native and graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in journalism, Steve has made over 1000 records by over 1000 bands.
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Taylor Hales

Taylor (or Taytay if you're 2 years old or Steve) is from Chicago and can’t seem to leave, except to collect a degree. He’s a graduate of the University of Michigan and Berklee College of Music in Boston. He plays bass in the Arts of Life Band and Paper Mice, and records friends whenever he can.
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Greg Norman

Staff Engineer and Head Technical Officer, Greg, who's originally from the suburbs of Chicago, graduated from California Maritime Academy with a degree in recording, He later returned his degree in protest. Greg has worked at Electrical since 1996.Here's a list of records Greg recorded. Here's a list of records Greg recorded.
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Jon San Paolo

Staff Engineer, Building Manager and "Weekend Guy", Jon was found in a basket outside of Electrical's front door in 2005. He was fed small rations of Cap'n Crunch and Hot Pockets while the staff tried to track down his "real" family. After deeming their efforts as fruitless, they eventually put him to work. A native of Springfield, Missouri, Jon is a graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and holds a Broadcasting degree from Drury University.
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Jake Aranda

Jake helped build Electrical.
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Julian Aranda

Julian helped build Electrical.

Russ Arbuthnot

Staff Engineer and Computer nerd, Russ worked at Electrical from 1999 to 2006. A Colorado native who was raised in the wilds of Wyoming, Russ graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in recording. Oh, and he built this website.
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Rob Bochnik

As staff engineer, building manager and construction manager, Rob worked at Electrical from 1996 to the end of 2002. Rob was vital in getting the studio built and once it was he oversaw the day to day operation of the studio. Rob also engineered quite a few records and continues to engineer to this day as a freelance engineer. Rob left Electrical to play guitar with The Frames and currently tours with Glen Hansard. Here is a link to his website
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Matt Clark

Part of the construction crew that built the studio, Matt is the guitarist for Pinebender.
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Peter Conway

Flour was the head carpenter during construction and taught everyone how to build things. Pete lives in Minneapolis and is a gourmet chef. He took the majority of the non-equipment-specific photos on this site. Almost everyone in his family is a chiropractor and he cannot grow facial hair.
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Lionel Darenne

Hailing from Paris, France, Lionel worked at Electrical from 2001 to 2002. After graduating from Full Sail, he interned and eventually started assisting and engineering sessions. He now lives in France and works at La Frette Studios.
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Dave Duvall

Lead Carpenter "Diamond" Dave worked at Electrical since nearly the beginning until mid-2005 and rejoined the staff from 2007 to 2014. Apart from being part of the construction crew which built the studio, he built nearly ALL of the furniture for the studio in our woodshop. He's a carpenter, just like Jesus.
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Benjamin Flint

Ben started working at EA in 2006. Acting as a staff engineer, assistant and wrangling interns.  He has since moved to New York to make weird instruments, eat pizza and avoid dinner parties.


Fluss was a cat. He was 23 years old when he died in late 2003. He produced quite a few albums. He liked chicken and jumping on one's shoulders. He was the best cat ever.
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John Forbes

John was the night watchman during the construction of Electrical. He also is Tijuana Hercules.
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Tony Jones

Tony helped build Electrical. He was in Sixteen Tons. He's married with 6 cats and 6 beautiful children.
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Kitty Pants

Kitty Pants was a cat. She would yell at you if you tried to touch her. She would pretend to bite you but then start licking you. She used to have halitosis.
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Mandela was a cat. She wasn't really disturbed, she just saw the world differently than you do. She drooled when she was happy.
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J. Christopher Manfrin

The Prince of Darkness himself, "Wig" worked at Electrical from 19?? until 2001 as Office Manager. When he's not road racing his motorcycles, Chris also plays drums in Seam, Sixto, The Shinie Ghosts, and occasionally with Archer Prewitt.
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Andrew Mason

Andrew worked on the weekends. He graduated from Northwestern University. He started the political issue site and is a Mac Guru. He made t-shirts of all the staff memebers and is a vegetarian. He drives a Subaru.

Dan Michalik

Dan helped build Electrical. He lives in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He builds furniture art.

Miles Nielsen

Lead singer and guitarist for the band Harmony Riley, Miles helped build Electrical.
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John Novotny

As Office Manager and resident comedian John worked at Electrical from 2000 to 2006. An Illinois native, before Electrical, John worked his way up through the comedy clubs of Chicago where he landed a full-time gig as the manager and default punching bag at the Funny Firm. He's now making millions in real estate.
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Brian Orchard

Brian worked at Electrical in 1996 as a second electrical technician. He then moved on to Underwriters Laboratories to blow up transformers.  He plays in .22, Light Coma and Bottomless Pit.
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Jeff Pezzati

Jeff is a Chicago rock legend.


Pip is a cat. She's the newest cat. She was rescued from an abandoned apartment, but she rules her own condo now. She's named after the sound she makes. She likes to do tricks off the walls and trying to talk on the intercom.
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Bill Skibbe

Now the owner and operator of Keyclub Recording in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Bill worked at Electrical from 1996 to 2000 and was integral in the building process and operation of the studio. Bill also builds the Skibbe Electronics "Red Stripe" audio compressor.
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Chad Smith

Building Manager Chad rejoined the Electrical staff in 2003. Previously he had helped build the studio, as part of the construction crew, between 1995 and 1997. Chad, a native of Caro, Michigan, graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in Secondary education.
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Stephen Sowley

Stephen moved to Chicago in the summer of 2001 after earning a BA in Journalism at SUNY Plattsburgh in New York (where he was born and raised) the previous December. Plattsburgh's proximity to the Canadian border may explain Stephen's general air of good cheer, as well as his love for Montreal bagels and his decidedly non-frat-boy-ish sense of humor. Stephen enjoys collecting and playing records as well as making music himself (he presently comprises 25% of Chicago outfit Fake Limbs.)
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Rob Vester

Staff Engineer and Building Manager, Rob has worked at Electrical in various capacities since 2004. An Illinois native, Rob obtained a degree in Fire Science from the College of Lake County before attending Columbia College with a degree in Acoustics. He can burn your house down, put out the fire, design your new control room, and then build it for you. He also sings songs and plays guitar with his band called The Red Corrector. He is currently a firefighter.
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Bob Weston

Besides playing bass guitar for Shellac and recording bands all over the world, Bob designed the electrical system and studio wiring for Electrical. He opened a vinyl & CD mastering lab in 2007: Chicago Mastering Service. You can email Bob at this address
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John Wiencek

John is an illustrator.

Brad Weissenberger

Brad helps out with various legal bullshits from time to time, all of it being the bullshits.  Brad plays in a few bands, is intensely allergic to the studio cats, generally shows up with limited forewarning, and pretends to be a Chicagoan.

Heather Whinna

Heather made a movie: Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music?. She knows more about Mashi Maro than you do.
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Soren-Peter Wittrup

An electronics engineer by trade, Soren worked at Electrical from 1993 to 1999 as head technician. Soren continues to do electronics repair and design.
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Grégoire Yeche

Grégoire is a recording engineer originally from Montpellier, France. In January 2007, Grégoire moved to Chicago to study analog recording techniques at Electrical Audio and loved it. He is a staff engineer and also an audiologist, so he will record your music, test your hearing, and fit you with a new hearing aid. Grégoire graduated from the MST of Brest.
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Tom Zaluckyj

Former Tar bassist, Tom was the construction manager during the building of Electrical. He now lives in California and plays bass in his new band, One Ton.
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